We understand urban farming not just as mere production of food in the city but as production of the city; a way to grow the city as a living environment.
— Antonio Scarponi, Director of Design and 2008 Curry Stone Design Prize Winner

According to the Oakland Fund for Youth and Children, economic disparities are tied to a host of developmental issues for children and youth, as studies have proven correlations between family income and assets to youth’s healthy development, academic success, likelihood of being a victim or perpetrator of crime, and future earnings.  80% of youth in California ages 16-19 were unemployed.  It is our goal to construct 10,000 sq. m. (roughly 110,000 sq. ft.) of total vertical farm space in Oakland, CA over the next 10 years.  This would create 400 living-wage jobs for working-age youth as well as produce 15 tons of a greens, fruit and berries on a daily basis within the Oakland city limits

Our Mission

The mission of Farm-X is to create new job opportunities for low-income youth in hydroponic vertical farms in cities throughout the United States; beginning with Oakland, California.  We will do this in the following ways:

  • Train and employ a green collar workforce of urban agricultural workers
  • Re-activate blighted urban space through the development of industrial-scale vertical farms
  • Provide Bay area chefs, retailers and consumers more resource efficient and socially-engaged agricultural products